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Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, abdominal muscles are stretched and separated to accommodate the growing baby. For many women, the muscles never completely return to their original state and remain at least somewhat separated, a condition known as diatasis recti; in more severe cases, the muscles remain separated so significantly that the woman may actually still look pregnant. And second, compounding the problem is the lax, loose skin that often occurs when a belly has been stretched to the limit for nine months.

Those telltale marks on your abdomen or hips are perhaps pregnancy’s cruelest souvenirs, and one of the hardest things to get rid of. Forget creams - they just don’t work. Stretch marks are better addressed sooner, while the collagen is more open to remodelling and before the skin becomes less responsive to treatment over time.

  • Reduce Your Stretch Marks
  • Resurface your Skin Texture
  • Brighten your Skin Tone
  • Firm up the treated area
About W Lab Aesthetics

W Lab Aesthetics is an aesthetics center that specializes in Aesthetics services which includes, Laser Aesthetics, Aesthetics Injectables, Laser Hair Removal and Eyelash Extensions Services.

W Lab Aesthetics was started with the believe that everyone deserves to be beautiful and supports this believe with our services at fair prices.

Why W Lab Aesthetics?

  • Professionally run by Aesthetics Professionals
  • Professionally Trained therapist.
  • Trusted by Celebrities.
  • Practice Fair-Pricing Policy.
  • Proven Track Record with 4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Rating.
What Our Customers Say
Mother of 6

I already have 6 grown-up children and giving birth to them over the years has left various surgery scars, stretch marks, pigmentations on my body and face. I have initially accepted that I will need to live with them. However, one of my daughters introduced me to W Lab Aesthetics and their POSTNATAL Therapy. It was a miracle for me. Since then, I have reduced my scars, stretch marks as well as pigmentations thanks to the treatments.

Elizabeth Lee
Marketing Manager, Mother to 1 Daughter

My pregnancy was a tough one, I had acne breakouts and I put on almost 30kgs. Due to the weight gain, I had a lot of stretch marks on my tummy and thighs area. I tried to apply various creams but it didn't help. I felt defeated initially until I came across W Lab Aesthetics and their PostNatal Recovery package. Actually, it was my husband who found them online. Thanks to them, I am bouncing back to my former self. TQ W Lab!

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